Another look at China’s influence in the U.S.

•January 27, 2007 • 1 Comment

As I was looking through the different blogs that I could comment on, I found that the blog entitled “China’s Growing Impact in the US” yanked at my attention the most.  Now, while I don’t know too much regarding the specifics of the situation, I do know that China has been gaining a lot of ground in the area of economics since it decided to join the World Trade Organization, thus opening a Pandora’s Box which has lead to countless revolutions in China’s condition by comparison to the rest of the world.  The recently energized Chinese economy has had a drastic impact on the world economic situation as it has soared up the rankings and is currently one of the strongest contenders for economic superiority.  Overall, I found the blog to be somewhat disappointing in that it seemed to be mostly just a review of the article from USA Today that was cited.  However, the mentioning of the rift in the social classes in China was a good point, but further elaboration and possible solutions would have scored more points for someone like me who is trying to learn a little more about what people think about the issue.

As I was taking a look at some of the sources that were listed by the author, I noticed that the inspiration for the blog was procured by an article in USA Today.  According to a study headed by Tim Groseclose, a prominent professor and political theorist at UCLA, it has been proven that though some radio-show hosts and news commentators have the reputation of being conservative, the general media in this country is predominantly liberal.  In fact, the newspaper, USA Today, is one media outlet that Groseclose notes in his findings as a liberal source among others such as Time Magazine and NBC’s “Nightly News”.  Groseclose goes on to say that some of these sources share feelings that are close to those held by extreme liberals such as Joe Liebermann.  Therefore, it would seem that the blog about China had underlining liberal views  regarding the situation and might possibly hint at the inclinations of the author himself.


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